Fresh Enterprise

Fresh Enterprise, a food education programme devised with our partners, Belazu is now into its second year.

 Belazu Ingredient Company is driven by five core principles focussing on the vital importance of ingredients, provenance, people, environment and bringing the very best of everything together. That makes them perfect project partners for School Food Matters in our quest to teach children about where their food comes from. Together we have devised a programme to engage schools with the creation of a Belazu product, to tell the story of the journey from The Med to the supermarket shelf. 

In year two of Fresh Enterprise, we will be working with four secondary schools from the London Borough of Ealing. The programme will start with a tour of Belazu's specialist premises in Greenford, meeting the people behind the products, from production line to packing, all the way to distribution and marketing. Students will hear about Belazu's inspiring story which began when two boys met on their first day at secondary school and be introduced to a whole range of careers in food. Next comes a creative cooking session led by food teacher Michaela Bowles, where students will focus on taste and flavours and be challeged with creating a brand new Belazu product!

We hope that Fresh Enterprise will inspire new food entrepreneurs - watch this space to see how things develop!