Good news from City Hall!

11 May 2018

It appears that Sadiq Khan has also AdEnough of junk food ads and plans to ban them across Transport for London!

The draft London Food Strategy has been published today and is out for consultation until 5 July.  We'll be diving into the detail but know for sure we'll be supporting the Mayor's bold plans to ban junk food ads.

This is groundbreaking policy. London now has the most overweight and obese children of any major global city –  almost 40% of children aged 10 and 11 are overweight or obese – so this move is urgent. 

TfL’s advertising estate is the most valuable out-of-home advertising estate in the world, providing advertisers with access to a huge and diverse audience. With 30 million journeys made on TfL’s transport network every day, this ban is such a positive step for the health of London’s children and young people.

Please support the Mayor's plans by responding to the consultation but until then, three cheers for all the food campaigners out there that made this happen and an extra cheer for Sadiq Khan for being bold and brave enough to take action!

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