Fresh Enterprise tasting panel at Belazu

26 March 2018

Three secondary schools have presented their pastes and sauces to the tasting panel at Belazu.

This was the final stage in our Fresh Enterprise programme designed to introduce secondary school students to the array of career opportunities within the world of food.  Students took a tour of Belazu’s production facility in Greenford, developed their recipes with food teacher Michaela Bowles and learned about marketing before presenting their work to Belazu’s founders along with their development chef and marketing guru. The panel of judges were so impressed by the student’s creativity that they’ve committed to putting all three recipes into production! Look out for details of the Belazu Schools Range coming soon ...


In other news ...

Welcome to the sugary drinks tax

6 April 2018

Read about how the sugary drinks tax campaign was fought and won in a report published by our friends at Sustain.

#AdEnough of junk food advertising?

23 April 2018

We're proud to be supporting Jamie Oliver in his quest to stop junk food advertising on TV before 9pm. You can help too!

Holiday food and fun

Funding for holiday food and fun programmes

3 April 2018

Good news. The government has announced £2m new funding for organisations to research ways of supporting disadvantaged families during the 2018 summer holidays.